Usher Manual

Procedures and Policies

Scheduling: On a monthly or bi-monthly basis, you will receive an email from Cathleen Norback ( with the subject line, “Wufoo schedule open”.This email will include the link to the online scheduling tool, Wufoo, which lists the dates, times and details of the scheduled concerts that require an usher staff. After receiving the link, submit your requests via Wufoo. You will receive an email with a confirmation of your assigned events.

High Demand Request Policy: Due to the popularity of concerts, we have the High Demand Request Policy as a way to ensure fair and equal consideration for all of our volunteer usher staff. The policy is as follows:

For each “High Demand” performance requested, request one or two non-High Demand performance(s) as specified in the Princeton University usher events schedule. Performers labeled “High Demand” such as the New Jersey Symphony (NJSO) and the Princeton Symphony Orchestra (PSO) will be indicated on the Wufoo sign-up schedule.

Attendance: Once you have been scheduled and confirmed for an event, we depend on you to usher that event. If you need to cancel a shift please email Please note that we track usher attendance and punctuality and require a minimum of six events a year.

The Golden Circle Club, a retirement package:  In appreciation and recognition of ushers who have served with us for a distinguished career and are no longer able to usher, our retirement package consists of two complimentary tickets twice a month to any Princeton University concert (excluding the Princeton Concert Office Performances) when seats are available. Please contact Cathleen Norback (  in advance to request tickets. Included in the Golden Circle Club membership is an invitation to one of our annual parties when space is available.

Termination: The Audience Services team is dedicated to the success of our usher staff. If you repeatedly do not follow one or more of the policies listed, you will be terminated from our staff.

Dress Code: The dress code for the Princeton University usher staff requires a solid white collared shirt with solid black pants or skirt and black dress shoes,. You may wear a white jacket or sweater in colder months. Please do not wear additional clothing such as sweaters or ties of other colors or patterns. We advise you to wear comfortable dress shoes. Open toed shoes or sandals are not allowed as ushering requires a lot of standing and walking. Refrain from wearing scented products such as perfumes and colognes.

When to Arrive: You should arrive at the specified call time for each event; this information will be listed in your confirmation email. In general, this will be one hour prior to performance, or in the case of a pre-concert lecture, can be up to 45 minutes prior to the start of the lecture. You should check in across from the restrooms in the upstairs lobby for a brief and important concert review meeting. It is very important to arrive on time.

Seating: The House Manager will always attempt to find seats for all ushers; however, please note that seating at an event is not guaranteed. Seating in the 200 section, balcony center, is not available to the usher staff. You are expected to sit in an empty seat in a back row or off to the side, without disturbing seated patrons, and an aisle seat is best. It is important to remember that while you are enjoying the concert you are still at work. At all times, be ready to give up your seats for patrons and to assist late arriving patrons to their seats.

Complimentary Tickets: If you are interested in attending an event for which you are not scheduled to work, please contact Cathleen Norback at in advance of the event to learn whether complimentary tickets are available.

Receptions: The House Manager will extend an invitation to you to attend a reception when possible. Please note: you may join the reception line after the patrons and artists.

Usher Training: A mandatory usher training is held each year. It is required that you complete the training session before ushering for the current season.

Usher Parties: Campus Venue Services hosts one to two parties per year in recognition of the contribution of our Usher Staff. A holiday party is held in December, and a year-end party is held in May or June. Active Ushers are invited to the parties with their spouse or guest. Ushers who have earned the Retirement Package are invited to a party when space is available.

Policy Parking for Volunteer Ushers: You will be permitted to apply for a 2015-2016 parking permit for specified spots in University Lot #8, located in front of the fence or in the back. This parking permit is valid only after 5:00pm and is to be used exclusively for parking while ushering at Richardson Auditorium. Parking in Lot #8 during times that you are not scheduled to usher will result in both a parking ticket and loss of your parking permit. In addition, please note that this parking permit is not to be used when ushering at McCarter Theatre. When ushering at the University Chapel, please park in the William Street lot located on William Street one block off of Washington Street.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ushers must be 18 years of age or older

  • Ushers must be friendly, outgoing, and professional

  • Ushers need to be able to meet the following physical requirements:

    • Ascend and descend 39 steps quickly (to Richardson’s balcony, containing 60% of the auditorium’s seating)

    • Stand independently for one hour continuously

    • Have accurate vision in dim lighting (in order to read tickets)

    • Be able to hear and speak clearly in areas with significant background noise (in order to answer patron questions)